Drowning Prevention System
& Pool Safety Alarm

An Artificial Intelligence swimming pool alarm designed to detect and alert as soon as a child enters the pool area

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Every year there are an average of 400 pool-or-spa-related fatal drownings involving children younger than 15 years of age nationwide! Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional death for young children-mostly due to falling into a pool or being left alone in a bathtub [NSC]. According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional death worldwide. The SwamCam Pool Alarm camera is the most advanced and comprehensive product available to assist in drowning prevention. When armed, it uses AI to constantly scan the pool area for human detection.

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SwamCam has received ASTM Certification for F2208 Standards.

We are very please to announce that after rigorous testing, SwamCam has received ASTM F2208 Certification. F2208 certification is required in many municipalities in the Unites Stated for pool alarms in order to receive the certificate of occupancy for a new pool installation.

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  • Advanced human motion detection algorithm
  • Automatic re-arm setting in case you forget
  • Built-in Wi-Fi repeater to extend Wi-Fi signal to pool for SwamCam and all other devices
  • Keypad to arm/disarm the system
  • Enables live video feed to remotely monitor pool
  • Smartphone App allows for two-way audio and one-way video communication
  • Loud siren alerts the entire household
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Weather resistant design for outdoor usage
  • Live US-based customer support
  • NEW Apple Watch App interface; Arm/Disarm and mute the alarm from your Apple Watch

How It Works

The Keypad or the App is used to arm/disarm the system.

Motion detected by the camera is analyzed by our advanced AI system.

Notifications are sent to the App and a siren is sounded from the alarm as well as the camera.


  • Prevents Drowning
  • Loud Siren
  • AI-Detection for Accurate Alerts
  • Smartphone Alerts
  • Wi-Fi Connection; Alerts Even if Wi-Fi is Down
  • 1080p Full-HD for Clear Video


Overall, there’s nothing like it on the market… just pull the trigger. You won’t regret it!


Concept is great. Installation was easy. iPhone application / user interface is good

The General

I own a mom and pop Pool and Hot Tub store…I never get thank you calls, BUT Saturday I got this....”Thank you my Grand Daughter was going to get in ...

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Absolute Water Spas & Pools

This is the only product that was single-purpose driven that delivered simple (but what I needed) results. If you are on the fence (no pun intended) - this is worth ...

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Had a 3yr old sneak into the pool area and the alarm saved his life because no one realized he had run back to the pool. He had bypassed the ...

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Aaron D.

FINALLY - a pool alarm that works in outdoor pools without all those “gotta go outside in a thunderstorm to turn of the false alarm AGAIN” frustrations!


I had trouble getting the alarm to connect, but I called in and they got it sorted out quickly. Camera works as advertised, and it gives me peace of mind ...

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SwamCam works great. Within a few seconds of someone walking within sight of the camera (which can view our entire pool area), the technology detects movement and alarms to my ...

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Pediatrician Mom

After installing, my husband accidentally forgot to re attach the childproof lock on the door leading to the pool. Even with numerous layers of protection, my 3 year old son ...

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Sammi K

SwamCam in the News

Smart App

Automatically arms

Custom length of time to re-arm in case you forget

On demand Live-view

View the live stream from anywhere in the world with internet access

Built-in Speaker

Allows you to speak to people poolside through the App


Alerts user even while App is not open


Use the built-in sound options or record your own message


Dial emergency number directly from Live View

WARNING: This system is not a life saving system and is not intended to be solely relied upon by user for supervising an area of safety concern. This system is meant to supplement active human supervision of minors. This system is subject to technology shortfalls such as (but not limited to) interruptions in electrical power or WiFi signal. Always make sure minors are properly supervised by an adult. For more information on pool safety, please see www.poolsafely.gov