The Top 10 Pool Alarms of 2021

An online search will inundate you with various types of pool alarms, making it confusing to know which is best for your family. We’re removing the confusion from the selection process by highlighting the top 10 pool alarms of 2021. We are replacing it with the confidence that you need to purchase the best pool […]

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COVID-19 Pandemic Leads to Spike in Child Drowning

The Covid pandemic that began in 2020 put everyone’s lives into upheaval, and it’s been especially challenging for parents who have to continue working with kids at home all day. While it’s nice to just let kids go, parents should be aware that researchers are seeing a new phenomenon – COVID-19 increases rates in drowning. […]

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Water Safety Guide: How to Prevent Your Child from Drowning in a Pool

Drownings can happen in the blink of an eye- in the space of time it takes to grab a towel or send a text message. Very often child drownings happen in pools and places that are familiar to them, such as pools belonging to family and friends. Every year hundreds of children die because of […]

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