Setup Steps / Install

  1. Download App
  2. Sign up
  3. Go to Add Devices in the App
  4. Plug camera into an outlet near the router, select camera and add camera to App
  5. Select Alarm, scan the QR code on the alarm/extender
  6. Plug the alarm/extender into an outlet near the router wait for it to boot then add alarm/extender to App
  7. Insert batteries into the keypad
  8. Select Keypad and scan QR code to add Keypad to App
  9. Move camera to pool location remove protective film and test before permanent installation
  10. Install camera at the correct location at pool (optimally, 4-6 feet high off the ground)
  11. Plug in extender at a desired location preferably inside the house in outlet closest to the pool
  12. Check the App to make sure the camera has good reception and if not move the extender to a better location. Please allow the camera to settle on the best WiFi connection before moving the extender (this may take up to a few hours)

Troubleshooting Steps

Please update the software and the firmware to the latest before troubleshooting. 

  1. Alarm/Repeater fails to add
    1. Go to settings>device information and see if there is an alarm/repeater listed
    2. If so, swipe left or tap and delete
    3. Return to add devices, scan the QR code, but don’t add until you plug it back in
    4. Be sure to add the alarm/repeater while setting up the camera INDOORS, NEAR THE HOME ROUTER.
    5. If the above steps fail, factory reset (using the provided reset tool in the bag of bolts, while the repeater is fully booted up, insert the tool into the pinhole in the bottom of the device until you hear “Factory Reset in Process”) the Alarm/Repeater and try again.
  2. Camera offline
    1. Bring the camera back indoors and confirm it works near the router
    2. make sure the alarm/repeater was added properly to the system by checking settings>device information and confirming there is a line item for the alarm/repeater (if not, see Alarm/Repeater fails to add)
    3. If the repeater is properly added to the system and the camera is still offline intermittently, change placement for the repeater in the home, the repeater needs to overlap the home WiFi signal while still being able to broadcast out to the camera near the pool
  3. Intermittent motion detection
    1. If the system is not detecting human motion make sure that the sun is not directly pointed into the camera lens, it will effect the motion detection capabilities
    2. check settings>motion settings and view the detection area or customized detection zone (premium) and confirm you have captured the proper space in the zone
    3. Confirm the camera is not mounted with a corner tipped or canted up or down; the SwamCam needs a level horizon to look for that human movement
    4. Confirm the camera is mounted between 4-6 feet (approx) from the surface the people will be walking on. If the SwamCam looks down, let’s say from a high eave of a house, it will not see the arms and legs needed for proper human motion detection
    5. If you’re having a problem not listed here or these steps do not work, contact support m-f 9-5est. @ 888-679-2622×2 or

Click Here for the full user manual.

Return Policy

SwamCam return policy allows for products purchased directly from to be returned during the initial 30 day period from date of receipt. We will refund the full purchase price paid minus any shipping, handling, import or export fees and costs.

To return your product under the return policy, please contact SwamCam either by phone or email.

Please note the following-

  • the returned item must be in the original SwamCam packaging, with all materials included, and in new or as-new condition
  • A SwamCam return authorization number (RMA) must first be obtained from customer support as provided below. We will only refund you the purchase price; expedited shipping and handling costs are not refundable.
  • The Buyer is responsible for all return costs; we recommend you insure the product for the original purchase amount. SwamCam is not responsible for lost items in return shipping.
  • You will receive an email confirming the RMA number.
  • SwamCam must receive the returned item within 14 calendar days after an RMA number has been issued and the unit returned must match the serial number specified in the RMA.
  • Return authorization numbers are valid for only 14 calendar days days from issuance. If the product is returned to SwamCam without a SwamCam return authorization number, and/or beyond the 14 calendar day period, and/or without proper packaging, SwamCam retains the right to refuse delivery of such return or may return the unit to you at your expense and with no refund issued.


SwamCam devices come with a limited hardware warranty effective for 1 year from the date of purchase. Premium Subscriptions get 2 years from date of purchase. Please see our warranty details at

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Swamcam, please reach out to us at