General Questions:

The SwamCam uses a cloud-based AI software to constantly review movement in areas within the field of view of the camera lens. When movement is detected, notifications are triggered to a smart phone App and an alarm is sounded on the camera and wireless speaker.

The camera is powered by AC adapter, the speaker is plugged directly into an outlet and the keypad is powered by 2-AAA batteries.

Using top quality lithium batteries and typical usage, the batteries will last an average of 1 year. You may monitor the battery status in our App.

Yes, we offer a one year warranty from date of purchase. An extended warranty is available with our premium subscription.

The SwamCam was designed in the United States and is assembled from parts sourced in China.


No, WiFi is required.

Yes, A 115 volt outlet is required for the Camera and the Speaker/Extender to work. 

The App can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the Apple App store for iOS.

The camera and the keypad can mount to almost any surface, using the supplied screws or bolts and various mounting accessories provided.

No, the SwamCam system is easy to set up and typically takes 30-40 minutes to complete installation.


No, the SwamCam is only compatible with iOS or Android devices.

iOS 11 or Android 5.0 and above are necessary for the mobile application.

Currently we do not provide access from the web or a desktop application.

Yes, multiple users may access the live feed and notifications provided by SwamCam.

Yes, you may add additional SwamCam camera systems to the home page of the same user on the App.


Yes! The SwamCam is designed to support 120-240v with plug adapters for both the camera and wireless alarm.



The SwamCam only works on 2.4ghz, which provides the greatest range.

If your router has the ability to assign static IP addresses, then yes you can.

No, internet is required.

Yes, as long as it has electric power. The devices use 2 different communication technologies to communicate. If your home WiFi is down, you will not get notifications on your phone, but the keypad and the alarms from both the extender and the camera will continue to work.

Yes the swamcam is IP65.

Yes, we support WAP2 and web encryption.

  1. Check phone settings to make sure notifications are enabled.
  2. Check settings on the SwamCam App to make sure Quiet hours are not set during the times you want to receive notifications.
  3. Try logging in and out of App.

You may not have a good enough WiFi signal coming from your home router to the SwamCam camera. Try moving the wireless siren/extender to a location between your home router and the Swamcam camera.

It’s best to keep the extender alarm inside a room in the house closest to the pool (or location you are mounting the camera) and also in between your home router and SwamCam camera.

The camera chooses which is the strongest signal (extender or router) and will automatically switch to the stronger one.

For the first 24 hours after set up, the extender and camera use the AI to configure the most optimal WiFi signal. Check back after 24 hours, if your signal does not improve, modify the placement of the extender (and camera if necessary). If the issue persists, please contact customer support.


We charge your card upon the confirmation of you order and will endeaver to ship it out as early as we can.

We use Stripe for our transaction processing. They employ TLS and secure encryption for all transactions.

Yes, after you complete your purchase you will receive confirmation at the email address you provided.

Not at this time, please check back in the future.

Yes! We accept returns on products bought directly on our web site within 30 days from receipt. The Items must be in new or like-new condition and repackaged. The buyer is responsible for return shipping and we advise the package be insured, we are not responsible for lost packages that do not have proof of delivery. You should contact customer service to obtain an RMA number prior to sending anything in. No returns will be processed without an RMA.

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No, the App can push notification to a device even when not open, however if you log out then you will not receive notifications.

WiFi or cellular access is required to access the camera’s Live View feature.


The smartphone does require internet access whether cellular or WiFi to receive notifications.

Yes, SwamCam provides a live HD (1080p) feed with a 170 degree viewing angle.

You may use your phones internal screen recording application to record videos, however the premium subscription allows you to record and save Live Video direct from the app.

No, all you need is close proximity to your router and an Android or iOS phone.

Yes, the camera provides night vision, however depending on the amount of additional sources of light, the detection distance at night will be more limited than at day time.


No! there is no product that can guarantee to prevent drownings. We provide a user-friendly system to assist in drowning prevention.



Setup Steps / Install

  1. Download app
  2. Sign up
  3. Plugin camera near the router and add
  4. Plugin extender near the router and add
  5. Insert batteries to the keypad and add
  6. Install camera at the correct location at pool
  7. Plug extender at the closest wall to pool
  8. Check to make sure the camera has good reception and if not move the extender to a better location


Download Manual 

User Manual

For additional support, please email our support team at  support@theswamcam.com


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