SwamCam already saved a few lives!

“I set this up about 2 months ago, initially I had issues setting up the device and customer support walked ne through getting it corrected (android incompatibility issues with setup) and it has worked great since then. No false alarms, no missed alarms either. My keypad started acting up and they replaced it, no muss, no fuss, no complaints. I have ducks that get in the pool occasionally, Floats and a dolphin pool cleaner: I have had zero false alarms. I recommend this camera to everyone, it’s better than a gate alarm and the internal alarm is loud (dont have to use it if you dont want to), the outside alarm is volume adjustable but I have it at max volume and it alarms on your phone. Can turn off the alarm with your phone or keypad and you can set it to auto-rearm which is what saved a life last month.

Had a 3yr old sneak into the pool area and the alarm saved his life because no one realized he had run back to the pool. He had bypassed the gate because it hadn’t closed all the way. The alarm was literally the only thing that saved him.

Can’t recommend enough.

-Aaron D.

“I did extensive research on different pool safety products and even returned a few different devices before stumbling across the SwamCam. This device had every feature on my wish list, so I gave it a try. Instillation was super simple. I had a minor issue with the keypad and their tech team was amazing. They even called me back a few days later to make sure everything was working correctly! Once installed, my family and I tested this device relentlessly. I’m happy to say that this product has exceeded my expectations in every single way. It alarms perfectly from every angle and I have had zero false alarms. After installing, my husband accidentally forgot to re attach the childproof lock on the door leading to the pool. Even with numerous layers of protection, my 3 year old son gained access to our pool area without supervision. While everything else failed, SwamCam alarmed as soon as my son stepped foot in the pool area. I heard the alarm from across the house and was able to rush to him before he made it anywhere near the pool. I truly believe that SwamCam saved my sons life that day and I know the outcome would have been much different with out it. If you have a pool and children, SwamCam is a necessity, not a luxury. I would go as far to say that every pool should be installed with this device as part of the basic package! I’d like to personally thank the SwamCam team for everything you do and all the work that has gone into this product. You are going to save so many lives and have such a huge impact on swimming safety!”

– Sammi K.

We mistakenly left the key to our pool gate hanging from the lock on the gate. Our seven year old was outside playing and managed to open the gate and let in his two year old brother in together with him. The Swamcam alarm triggered within seconds of their entry and I was able to run outside and catch them running around the pool. Am so glad I have this and scared to know what the outcome could have been without it.


“I own a mom and pop Pool and Hot Tub store…I never get thank you calls, BUT Saturday I got this….”Thank you my Grand Daughter was going to get in the pool and when she hit the deck we were all alerted. (they get an alert on their cell phones) She was, like I was, just wanting to get in the pool. Even at 11 and knows how to swim, the the cam saw and said Nope”

-Absolute Water Spas & Pools