After installing, my husband accidentally forgot to re attach the childproof lock on the door leading to the pool. Even with numerous layers of protection, my 3 year old son gained access to our pool area without supervision. While everything else failed, SwamCam alarmed as soon as my son stepped foot in the pool area. I heard the alarm from across the house and was able to rush to him before he made it anywhere near the pool. I truly believe that SwamCam saved my sons life that day and I know the outcome would have been much different with out it. If you have a pool and children, SwamCam is a necessity, not a luxury.

Sammi K

SwamCam works great. Within a few seconds of someone walking within sight of the camera (which can view our entire pool area), the technology detects movement and alarms to my phone, Apple Watch, and on the physical alarm/wifi extender. I love that I can set it to automatically re-arm itself after a certain amount of time, so we don’t have to remember to set it ourselves.

Setup was easy, and when I had a question the response from support was very quick. I have been so pleased.

Pediatrician Mom

I had trouble getting the alarm to connect, but I called in and they got it sorted out quickly. Camera works as advertised, and it gives me peace of mind to have an extra layer of protection in addition to our pool fence.


FINALLY – a pool alarm that works in outdoor pools without all those “gotta go outside in a thunderstorm to turn of the false alarm AGAIN” frustrations!


Had a 3yr old sneak into the pool area and the alarm saved his life because no one realized he had run back to the pool. He had bypassed the gate because it hadn’t closed all the way. The alarm was literally the only thing that saved him. Can’t recommend enough.

Aaron D.

This is the only product that was single-purpose driven that delivered simple (but what I needed) results. If you are on the fence (no pun intended) – this is worth the investment.


I own a mom and pop Pool and Hot Tub store…I never get thank you calls, BUT Saturday I got this….”Thank you my Grand Daughter was going to get in the pool and when she hit the deck we were all alerted. (they get an alert on their cell phones) She was, like I was, just wanting to get in the pool. Even at 11 and knows how to swim, the the cam saw and said Nope”

Absolute Water Spas & Pools

Concept is great. Installation was easy. iPhone application / user interface is good

The General

Overall, there’s nothing like it on the market… just pull the trigger. You won’t regret it!