The Top 10 Pool Alarms of 2021

An online search will inundate you with various types of pool alarms, making it confusing to know which is best for your family.

We’re removing the confusion from the selection process by highlighting the top 10 pool alarms of 2021. We are replacing it with the confidence that you need to purchase the best pool alarm for your pool area.

Pool alarms come with different features including radio communication, contact detectors, motion sensor, and floating alarms. We’ll give you the pros and cons of each model. (I researched the word radion and it has a meaning in physics. So, this might be the correct word.)

  1. The SwamCam Pool Alarm

The Swam Cam uses artificial intelligence to detect a child entering the pool area and alert you instantly. It’s the most advanced and comprehensive pool alarm available to assist in preventing drowning. It continuously scans the pool area for people, and it re-arms itself automatically. The fish-eye lens has nearly a full 180-degree view of your pool area.


  • Receive alerts inside, outside, and remotely

  • Alarm sounds without using your Wi-Fi! Even when Wi-Fi is down

  • One-touch emergency dial on the live-view

  • Two-way communication capability

  • Weatherproof system

  • Smartphone app for remote control

Price: $495     View Now

  1. Coral Drowning Detection System

. It leverages real-time video using an underwater camera. Potential drowning sets off an audible alarm and mobile alerts.

This alarm detects people and their movements in your pool.


  • Sends alert when someone enters the pool

  • Sends a louder drowning alarm when a person is motionless with the  their head underwater


  • It’s more expensive than similar models. For example, Swam Cam has similar features for a fraction of the price.

Price: $2499     View Now

  1. LifeBuoy Pool Alarm

lifebuoy swamcam pool party
This is one of the few alarms that sounds when your pool cover is removed, making it a good choice for spas and hot tubs as well as swimming pools. LifeBuoy is a floating alarm system with multiple sensors. The alarm comes with a smartphone app that allows you to arm and disarm the alarm, change the sensitivity level, and set the length of the alarm.


  • Loud alarm

  • Travel-friendly

  • Alarm is sensitive

  • Mobile app informs you remotely


  • Instructions are confusing for some

Price: $299     View Now

  1. Pool Patrol  PA – 30 Pool Alarm

The alarm detects surface movements on the water via a floating device. This alarm is versatile enough to use on above-ground or in-ground swimming pools. You can also set it up to monitor all corners of your swimming pool. Adjusting the sensitivity level will help to prevent false alarms.

As soon as someone disturbs the water’s surface, a loud alarm goes off to notify you that someone is in the pool.


  • Easy to adjust the sensitivity

  • Loud alarm

  • Travel-friendly

  • Inside receiver


  • Traps debris on top of the pool

Price: $199.99     View Now

  1. New Safety Turtle 2.0 Child Kit

This alarm requires your toddlers to wear a wristband. When the child enters the water, the receiver sounds an alarm. There’s no need to program this alarm making setup a snap. All you have to do is plug in the base within 200 feet of the pool and test the wristband, and your child is ready to swim. If multiple children are swimming, the receiver will detect all the wristbands.


  • No need to program it

  • Toddler-friendly design

  • Links to multiple wristbands


  • Kids don’t keep wristbands on

Price: $189.99     View Now

  1. Poolguard PGRM – SB Safety Buoy

In-ground pool owners might opt for this model which continually stays in alarm mode. To enter the pool, simply remove the floating device from the pool and put it into sleep mode. You must place this alarm within 200 feet of the pool. It operates on a battery that will last for an entire year.


  • One-year warranty

  • Easy installation

  • Battery-powered

  • Appropriate for above-ground pools, spas


  • Weather could set off alarm

Price: $174.95     View Now

  1. Pooleye PE20 Pool Alarm

This model is specially designed to be installed on above-ground pools. All you have to do is remove a section of the railing and install the alarm. This alarm works best for pools that are 24 feet or less. It has a very loud alarm, but it only sounds outside in the pool area. There is no remote receiver and no ability to monitor your pool remotely.


  • Rudder switch is housed in a protective cage

  • Reduces false alarms

  • Easy installation

  • Adjustable sensitivity


  • Challenging to calibrate the sensitivity

Price: $174.95     View Now

  1. SafeFamilyLife Pool Alarm

This pool alarm sounds an alarm when a child or pet falls into your pool. It has a remote and receiver that alerts you inside or outside. Mount it up to 200 feet from the pool. It operates off a 12-volt power supply and two 9-volt batteries that last up to a year.


  • Reliable and easy to turn off

  • Equipped with a swim-mode feature

  • Loud alarm

  • Light and easy to use


  • Sensitive to strong winds

Price: $113.95     View Now

  1. Blue Wave NA 4212 Pool Alarm System

This pool system detects anyone and anything that enters your swimming pool including your pets. The sensors are strong and it can be installed up to 100 feet from your pool area. The alarm is NSF-certified and it alerts you inside and outside your home.


  • Works with in-ground and above-ground pools

  • High-tech sensors reduce false alarms

  • Detects people and pets 18 lbs. and over


  • Not as durable as other models

  • Some animals weigh less than 18 lbs.

Price: $99.99     View Now

  1. Techko S189 Ultra Slim Pool Alarm

This model is ETL-listed and is certified by UL. It sounds when the pool door or gate is opened letting you know that people  have entered or left the pool area. The unit features two magnetic contact sensors and it also has a remote bypass button.


  • Affordable

  • Loud alarm sounds for 30 seconds

  • Protects two entrances to the pool area


  • Adhesive doesn’t adhere to rough surfaces

Price: $39.99     View Now

Why Do You Need a Pool Alarm?

A pool alarm offers you 4 main essential benefits: including:

  1. It protects your children from drowning.
  2. It deters your neighbors’ kids from entering your pool area.
  3. It protects your pets from accidental  drowning.
  4. It deters intruders from entering your pool.

As you can see, the SwamCam alarm is one of the top 10 pool alarms  of  2021 because it alerts you early, as soon as a child enters the pool area. The main advantage is that it gives you plenty of time to respond to a potential pool accident. To find out more about how to secure your pool area with a SwamCam pool alarm, contact us today at 888-679-2622!